We are able to see, hear, taste, smell and touch. What is that which makes this body, essentially inert, sentient? What makes our senses, mind and intellect function? Rarely we wonder and ask about this Cosmic Phenomenon that provides us with life and its many and varied gifts. Some rare individuals wonder and for them begins this journey towards the Self.

The Upaniṣads reveal to us that in truth we are beyond life and death, good and bad, that we are the supreme Brahman, the highest Reality. Inclusive of all, excluding nothing, this ultimate Reality of life when realized through the triple means of śravaṇa, manana and nididhyāsana (listening, reflection and meditation) reveals the Self as source of all Bliss and Knowledge within. This Realization when once owned by us, even for a moment (sakṛd api), then there is no turning back to our old ignorant state of living. The entire universe becomes one’s own abode, and comes to be experienced as a glorious expression of the Self. Come revel in the Upaniṣads, bask in its knowledge, discover yourself, and become fulfilled. What are you waiting for?


The Course has been authored by Pūjya Swami Tejomayananda, the mentor and guide of the Chinmaya Mission worldwide. Guruji, as he is reverentially and endearingly addressed in Chinmaya Mission, is a master of Vedāntic tradition and the Bhakti lore, and is a renowned teacher of Vedānta, as well as an author of many commentaries and independent treatises on Vedānta and Bhakti literature. This course indeed offers the crystallized, experiential wisdom and insights of Pūjya Guruji, with great depth and clarity, delivered with simplicity and ease of assimilation. It bears the understated elegance and excellence, simplicity and profundity, of which Pūjya Guruji is a living embodiment.



The Upanishad Course is available in Online , Postal and Webinar Modes. Contact Classes can be added to Online and Postal Modes. Students can select one of the modes as convenient to them.

In Online Mode the lessons are downloaded from website and answers are also given online. Evaluation, grades are also Online. In Postal Mode the lessons will be sent by post, the answers need to be sent again by post. Grades can be viewed online. In Webinar mode additional support of Acharya is given for the Lessons.


Upanishad Course Online 6000 200
Upanishad Course Postal 7000 250



Being an advanced study, demanding a deeper understanding of Vedānta, applicants will benefit well if they have been already introduced to Vedānta, or must have studied at least a few prakaraṇa-granthas or basic texts or of Vedānta. The Course is in English and knowledge of Sanskrit is not a requirement. A sincere longing for Truth is however a significant eligibility and nothing betters it!


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