Manipal University and Chinmaya International Foundation jointly organised a two-week International Summer School from July 13-25, 2015 - The Word and the World – a Philosophical Inquiry. This Summer School, which was led by Prof Ashok Aklujkar and Prof Shrinivasa Varakhedi as the Course Directors, hosted 36 participants from different parts of the country and the world.

Areas dealt with

The Summer School introduced the fundamental concepts of the philosophy of language and different theories according to different Indian schools of thought with a comparative outlook of western schools. It explained the concept of verbal testimony and unfolded the dialogues for a fresh beginning of understanding their worldviews. Many Indian philosophical schools like Ny?yavai?e?ika, S??khya-yoga, Bauddha, Jaina, Mim?ms?, Ved?nta and Navya schools were engaged in this inquiry. Starting from Y?ska to Bhat?hari in grammar tradition, from Gautama to Gad?dhara in Ny?ya tradition, a great range of interesting discussions were held on ‘The Word and The World’.

The main purpose of the 2015 Summer School was to explore the many ways in which ‘the word and the world’ have been brought to bear upon each other by the Sanskritik philosophers of ancient and early medieval India. To use the title of a modern Western philosophical classic written by the late Harvard University professor Willard van Orman Quine, the School unravelled the various strands of the ‘word and object’ relationship that appeared in the Indian intellectual tradition.

Resource persons

All the invited scholars engaged participants in a rigorous interactive seminars and discussions with six hours of sessions everyday through the two weeks. This intensive school also comprised of workshops and presentations on various concepts of philosophy of language with the focus on the discursive, logical and analytic side of the long and rich Indian philosophical tradition.


The Summer School made the students, research scholars and the faculty members of the following institutes come under a common shade, which enriched the discussions with new perspectives that quenched the contemporary philosophical thirsts. The diversity of the participants from across disciplines and different age groups provided multidimensional outlook to the philosophical dialogues.

Other activities conducted

Traditional art forms, cultural events, and visit to significant places were also organized during the Summer School to enhance experiences of traditional learning methods through interactions with cultures and customs. Yoga, meditation and Sanskrit classes were conducted during the morning and evening hours for those interested. This was highly lauded by international participants as well.

The Summer School was appreciated well and received with commendable responses from the scholars and the participants in terms of academic output and logistic facilities.

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