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Trisatika or Patiganitasara

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DR. D. Venugopal Heroor

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Indians, in the past, as in the present, had a keen interest in Mathematics and made huge strides in the field. Sri Venugopal Heroor, an engineer by profession, has had a keen interest in Indian mathematicians. He has translated several mathematical works of Bhaskaracharya, Brahmagupta, Narayana Pandita, and Chitrabhanu into both, Kannada and English.

The book is the English translation of Trisatika or Patiganitasara of Sridhara, a Bengali mathematician who lived over a thousand years ago. Sri Venugopal Heroor has translated an excerpt of important arithmetic rules and examples from the Trisatika or ‘the book of 300 shlokas’. The mathematical insights would still be applicable to students as well as businessmen.

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