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Akhyatachandrika of Bhattamalla (With commentary & critical edition of Purnima) & Dhatu-nama-nekarthatva-sadhanam

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The Akhyatchandrika of Bhattamalla

A lexicon of Sanskrit of 1114 verbs by Bhattamalla and complements with Purnima commentary. The uses of synonymous verbs have been exemplified from other lexicons and with quoting the literature. Derivative history of verbs is provided wherever there is complexity. Reference to every quote is provided in the text itself for ease of access and understanding. A list of roots by Bhattamalla is given with meaning in locative case at the end of the text.

Dhatunamanekarthatva Sadhanam

This small book of 70 pages is an important contribution to establishing meaning for understanding and translation of Sanskrit verbs. The research is based on the Mahabhashyam from the time of Patanjali to the Vakyapadiyam of Bhartrhari and several other texts and commentaries. This book would be very valuable to overcome the problem of ambiguity of Sanskrit verbs. It will be invaluable to all who are involved in study of Sanskrit texts and translations. The English summary of the Sanskrit discussion makes this book valuable to a wider pool of scholars.

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