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Advaitanyamatakhandanam, Advaitavijayah, Advaitamrtam

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Sri Bellamkonda Ramarayakavi

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Dr.Dilip Kumar Rana

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Advaitānyamatakhaṇḍanam through a straight-forward analysis of the various pūrvapakṣa of Advaita-vedānta in a polemic yet simple style, that so characterizes the writings of Sri Ramaraya Kavi elucidates how Advaita Vedānta alone stands a litmus test of śruti, yukti and anubhūti.

The Advaitavijaya is an interesting pedagogy in the form of brief questions and answers and is bound to give immense clarity to the student. Advaitāmṛtam as the very appellation indicates, is the versified essence of Advaita-vedānta with an auto commentary of the author.

Of the many treatises pertaining to Vedānta, the prasthānatraya, consisting of the Upaniṣads, the Bhagavad-gītā and the Brahmasūtra are foundational. Those who find it difficult to understand them, the prakaraṇa-granthas offer valuable guidance and assistance. In addition, for those who wish to equip themselves for an in-depth study of these foundational treatises, a study of the prakaraṇa-granthas becomes a preparation. This compendium comprises three short prakaraṇa-granthas which serve amply these purposes for a novice.

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