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Vedantamuktavali of Bellamkonda Ramarayakavi & Vedanta Sangraha of Ramaraya Kavi (Essentials of Vedanta)

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Vedantamuktavali or A Garland of Pearls from Vedanta is authored by Sri Bellamkonda Ramarayakavi, who is an early 20th century polymath. The book contains the essence and summary of the 12 renowned Upanishads, in the metrical form. This work is a feast of knowledge to all the lovers of Vedanta. The book comprises of deep and profound explanations in a lucid and logical language.

Vedanta Sangraha

Sri Ramaraya Kavi's Vedanta Sangraha is a basic text describing the basic theories and concepts of Advaita Vedanta philosophy. It is also significant to note that while establishing the various aspects of Advaita, Ramaraya Kavi has explained in detail the different technical terminologies used in Vedanta. The text is set in fifteen chapters and deals with different topics starting from avidya to Advaita-siddhi. The notes on different aspects of Advaita Vedanta closely follow Sri Sankara. This would be of immense interest to the scholar and also a clear foundation for a beginner.

Free DVD


Manamala is a text on epistemology authored by Achyutakrishnanandatirtha which has a commentary by Shri. Ramananda. The six means of knowledge (pramana) are Pratyaksha, Anumana, Upamana, Arthapatti, Anupalabdhi and Sabda. This text analyses these six Pramanas from the context of the Advaita epistemology. The 7 Video DVDs contain 14 lectures on Manamala by Prof. Revathy Sukumar at Chinmaya International Foundation in June, 2010 during the Textual Workshop on Indian Philosophy – A Brief Analytical Study.

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