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Tattvopaplavasimha of Jayarashibhatta & Logic of Paramarsa

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The Tattvopaplavasimha examines epistemology, where the author considers the pramana (sources of knowledge) accepted in establishing conclusions (perception, inference, and testimony), and proves that none of them are sufficient for establishing knowledge. He challenged the astika establishment's belief in supernatural beings by attacking their epistemology with different arguments in Vaitandika style. The present book consists of an introduction, detailed analysis, and English translation with extensive notes of the complete text and index of all technical words which will be very useful to readers.

Logic of Paramarsa

This is a monograph authored by the renowned authority on Nyaya, Prof. V. N. Jha. This monograph summarizes the 5-membered inferential process presented by the Nyayavaisesika School, discusses the debate surrounding it, and shows how the great logician Çasidhara defends the Nyaya position. The reader is sure to get an overview of the essential thoughts in this short work and this makes the monograph a welcome addition for all students of Philosophy.

Free DVD

Classical Indian Research Methodology (3 DVDs)

A very erudite professor, scholar, writer, speaker and essayist, Prof. V.N. Jha's lectures on a variety of topics on classical Indian research methodology, is a treat for keen students of research in the Indian knowledge tradition. Across 19 lectures, Prof. Jha has spoken tirelessly on the concept of Research, Methods of Enquiry, Presentation of Research Findings, Modern Tools of Research, to name a few.

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