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Tarkasangraha of Annambhatta

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Prof. V.N. Jha

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These are the Lectures by Prof. V. N. Jha, Former Director of the Center of Advanced Study in Sanskrit, University of Pune, in Chinmaya International Foundation, from 1st to 14th June, 2009.

Tarkasangraha of Annambhatta is an introductory text of the Nyäya-vaiçeñika System of Indian philosophy. This is the most popular and basic text on Indian Logic which is studied in traditional as well as modern higher educational Institutions of India. This will give access to all Indian knowledge Systems and the illustrious intellectual and philosophical traditions of India. The study of this text will also provide a good training in analyzing human thoughts. Once one captures the methods of cognitive analysis as presented in this system, one can handle any knowledge

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