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Shatashloki of Adi Shankaracharya & Advaitasangrahah of Ramapandita

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Shatashloki is a composition of 100 shlokas by Bhagavan Adi Shankaracharya which comes under the category of the Prakarana Grantha. The word-to-word meaning, free flowing translation and the lucid notes have been provided by Sri S.N. Shastri who has many books to his credit.

Advaitasangrahah of Ramapandita

The Advaita Sangrahaḥ (content in brief of Advaita philosophy) is a treatise on Advaita, where the content is concentrated to the essentials, without leaving any of the minor portions. The author, Rama Pandita claims that he has not left untouched any part of the siddhanta, but has not quoted from smṛti, sruti, puraṇa and so on. This is a beautiful compendium for the beginners, those who yearn for it will benefit immensely. The philosophy is presented in a proper order.

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Siddhantalesasangraha of Appayya Dikshita – Part 1 (20 DVDs)

Siddhantalegasangraha by Sri Appayya Diksita is a concise compendium of the entirety of Vedantic discourse. Herein, he elucidates the divergent explanations of the various acaryas of Vedanta in such a manner so as to be brief yet complete. This also presents to the student the natural progression of the philosophy of Vedanta. This text is a must for any serious student and scholar of Vedanta.

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