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Panchadashi - Chapter 6 (Video Pen Drive)

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Swami Advayananda

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CIF Pendrives

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Pañcadasi, the renowned composition of Sri Bharati Tirtha and Swami Vidyaranya, is a compendium of 15 foundational texts or prakarana-granthas. This epic work is a singular treatise on the philosophy of Advaita-vedanta. By providing the complete grasp of essentials of Vedanta, it amply serves to dispel the ignorance of the Self.

This chapter depicts the four states of the Paramatman through the four-stage process of the painted canvas. The text also propounds avidyā as the cause of samsara and vidya as its antidote.

This pendrive contains the detailed lectures on this chapter of Pañcadasi delivered by Swami Advayananda, CIF In-charge, during the weekly webinar satsangs held at CIF between September 2018 and March 2021.

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