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Panchadashi, the famous composition of Shri Bharati Tirtha and Swami Vidyaranya, is a compendium of 15 Foundational Texts or prakarana-granthas. This epic text is a singular treatise on the philosophical teachings of Advaita-vedanta, composed with an intention to dispel the ignorance of seekers by bringing to them an overall and complete grasp of the essentials of Vedanta. Truly any study of Advaita-vedanta is incomplete without a thorough study of Panchadashi.

Deriving its name from the number of chapters in it, the Panchadashi is classified into three sections:

(1) The first five chapters termed Viveka-panchakam, deal with Existence or Sat, the discrimination of the real.

(2) The second five termed Dipa-panchakam, deal with Self as pure Consciousness or Cit.

(3) The last five termed Ananda-panchakam deal with the blissful nature of Brahman.

The five volumes of Panchadashi contain detailed lectures in English.

Language: English | Speaker: Swami Advayananda

Chapter 1: Tattvaviveka-prakarapa – On the Discrimination of Reality Duration: 33 hrs| Discourses: 39

Chapter 2: Mahabhuta Viveka – On Differentiation of the Five Elements Duration: 42 hrs| Discourses: 51

Chapter 3: Panchakosha Viveka – On Differentiation of the Five Sheaths Duration: 27 hrs| Discourses: 33

Chapter 4: Dvaita Viveka – The Differentiation of Duality Duration: 23 hrs| Discourses: 28

Chapter 5: Mahavakya Viveka – Understanding the Great Saying Duration: 10 hrs| Discourses: 12

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