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Maha-bhasyartha-dipika & Shatakoti (An exposition of the pratipadika-sutra of Ashtadhyayi) of K Narayanan Nambootiripad

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Mahabhashyartha Dipika

Patanjali, the great scholar, has written extensively on Sanskrit grammar based on detailed discussion on Panini Grammar, which is available to us even today as the Mahabhasya. Scholars continue to explore the treasure of knowledge available in this great treatise. Krishna Kumar, a great Sanskrit Scholar has dedicated his entire life to the study of Sanskrit grammar making the treasures available to all. He has been recognised for his contribution to Sanskrit by the Sankaracharya of Shringeri and also Kanchi, and awarded the ‘suvarna-mala’.


This work is a vadagrantha explaining a Panini sutra, "Arthavadadhaturapratyayah pratipadikam," from different angles. All the four constituent words are taken for detailed study. This sutra is discussed in Mahabhashya, Shabdendusekhara, Praudhamanorama and other classical texts of grammar. The treatment of the author is exhaustive adding many views and original thoughts that are not found in those texts.

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