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Jivanmuktiviveka Chapter - 2 (Video Pen Drive)

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Speaker : Swami Advayananda

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CIF Pendrives

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Chapter 2


Overcoming the Vāsanās


Jīvanmuktiviveka authored by Swāmī Vidyāraṇya is an advanced Vedāntic treatise mainly dealing with topics that are related to the state of Jīvanmukti, that is, 'being free or liberated even while living'.

In the second chapter titled Vāsanākṣaya-prakaraṇa, the author expounds that the means to Jīvanmukti are knowledge of the Reality, the dissolution of the mind and the obliteration of latent impressions. All these three have to be practised simultaneously to get the result.

This pendrive contains discourses on the second chapter of Jīvanmuktiviveka by Swami Advayananda, CIF in-charge, that were recorded during the weekly webinar satsaṅgs held at CIF between July 2016 and July 2017.

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