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Indian Philosophy: A Brief Analytical Study

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Prof. R Balasubramaniam, Prof Revathy Sukumar, Dr Goda Venkateswara Shastri

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The tradition of textual exegesis is a unique distinguishing feature of all Indian Schools among which Advaitha occupies a prominent place. This school possesses a rich legacy of texts written over a period of centuries that has been preserved through an unbroken chain of teachers and disciples. These thinkers have produced several texts that that shed light not only on the fundamental tenets of Advaitha but also on the complex articulation of the nuances relating to Advaitha-meta physics, epistemology, and ethics and so on .A ten- day textual workshop on "Indian philosophy: A Brief analytical study "was conducted at Chinmaya International Foundation from June 4th to 14th2010.

This workshop aimed at acquainting the student with the fundamentals of Advaitha Vedanta and the complexities of their nuances through the detailed study of the following topics:

Overview of Shad-darshanas

Prof.R.Balasubrahmanian, Former chairman, ICPR, New Delhi

Manamala with the commentary of Ramananda

Prof.Revathy Sukumar, University of Madras

Vishaya Pariccheda in Vedanta Paribhasha of Dharmaraja

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