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Holy Gita Ready Reference & Sukthi Sudha - The Elixir of Adages

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Holy Gita Ready Reference

A companion to the Holy Gita, the renowned commentary on Bhagavad-gita by Pujya Swami Chinmayananda, Holy Gita Ready Reference is an extremely useful book for serious seekers and research students who are undertaking a detailed study of the Bhagavad-gita. The questions highlight the points to be noted in each chapter and answers to clarify the doubts and ambiguities that a student is likely to face in the process of study. The alphabetical index of the four padas of each verse in the Gita is invaluable for any reference work. A must-have for all Bhagavad-gita lovers.


This book is an English translation of more than 3000 Sanskrit adages, culled from traditional sources and everyday wisdom, arranged under topical heads in alphabetical order. The illustrations add ease and charm to the book. A must for all students of Sanskrit language, an ideal reference book and your one point source for Sanskrit quotations to embellish your talks, speeches and writings. As you traverse through the rocks, rivers and rubble of life, may the adages console, counsel and comfort you.

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Spiritual seekers, however, are of many dispositions. Each of us must therefore, to reach the ultimate Truth, take a path which is suitable to our own temperament. It is important for a seeker to be clear about the goal and then be steadfast on the prescribed path. The Bhagavad Gita is a manual of life for seekers of varied temperaments, all of whom will find in it a path most appropriate to them. Swami Sharadananda Sarasvati guides the spiritual aspirants, pointing out the appropriate techniques outlined in the Bhagavad Cita, explaining how they are to be applied, thereby fortifying seekers on their journey to fulfilment.

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