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Guided meditation (Audio Pen Drive)

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Swami Advayananda

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CIF Pendrives

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Meditation is abidance in the Self. It is the art of quietening the mind and transcending it. For this, one needs to prepare both the body, and the mind, and meditation needs to be practiced daily with devotion. It is the most powerful technique to change one's perspective towards life enabling a positive outlook and is a sure remedy for the stress and anxiety of daily life.

This USB-Pendrive contains recorded audio guided meditation sessions by Swami Advayananda (In-charge, CIF) and is divided into basic, intermediate, and advanced levels. The basic level sessions were recorded at a Geeta Jnana Yajna in Mumbai in March 2018. The intermediate level sessions were recorded at a Jnana Yajna in Bangalore in April 2017. The advanced level sessions were recorded during the Sandeepany Vedanta Course from 2011 to 2013.

This pendrive is a sure guide for all seekers.

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