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Gheranda Samhita

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Prof. B.R. Sharma

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Content: 17 Lectures in 9 DVDs
Lectures: Prof. B. R. Sharma
Duration: 24 Hrs 44 Mins

Gheranda-samhita is a manual of Yoga taught by Acharya Gheranda, a great practitioner of Yoga, to Chaṇda Kapali. This treatise is considered one of the three essentials of the Yoga-vedanta-marga. Gheranda-samhita deals in detail with the asanas, pranayamas, neti, dhauti and mudras of Hatha-yoga practice with the goal being to strengthen and purify the body and mind. The lectures by Prof. B. R. Sharma, Principal, Kaivalyadham, Lonavala, Pune, on Gheranda-samhita with detailed reading and explanation of the original Sanskrit text over a period of 2 weeks, were recorded at Chinmaya International Foundation during the Yogo Bhavati Duhkhaha workshop in January 2016. These DVDs are presented with a view to enhance learning through study of the original texts with well known experts.​

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