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Swami Advayananda

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A brilliant teacher meets an exemplary student and the dialogue between them becomes extraordinary. At their very first meeting, Śrī Govinda Bhagavatpāda, the guru of the young Śaṅkara asked the young sannyāsin, “Tell me, who are you?.” It was in response to this simple question that Śrī Śaṅkara burst out in a set of ten pregnant stanzas, well-known as Daśaślokī, voicing his Self-experience and explaining the real nature of the Self.

In his very first composition, Daśaślokī, Ādi Śaṅkaracarya sums up the essence of entire Vedānta. He states that essentially, I am the non-dual Self. The body, mind and so on are not core to my self-experience and hence are not me. He goes on to say that the Ātman, the Self, is same as the supreme Brahman. Śaṅkara also emphasises, as do the Upaniṣads, that the man who realises Ātman alone transcends worldly sorrow.

The first three verses of the text focus on ‘tvam-pada’, explaining the nature of the Self. The next three verses focus on ‘tat-pada’, discussing about the absolute Reality. And the last four verses elaborate on ‘aikya’, the absolute identity between the Self and the absolute Reality.

These DVDs are recordings of discourses on the Daśaślokī of Ādi Śaṅkarācārya by Swami Advayananda, Acharya CIF recorded during the Vedanta Unveiled 2017 camp held at CIF in October 2017. 

Units in box: 9 talks, 5 DVDs
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