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Classical Indian Research Methodology

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V. N Jha

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Content: 3 DVDs
Lectures: 10 in one set


Classic Indian Research Methodology are lectures given by him at Chinmaya International Foundation in the year 2010.

 The following pertinent topics have been dealt with in the lectures:

  • Concept of ‘Research’: An Enquiry into Truth/Fact
  • Preparing oneself to undertake Research on Vyakarana, Purvamimamsa and Nyaya
  • Editing: a highly intellectual activity, not a mechanical exercise
  • Methods of Enquiry: Epistemology
  • Models of Discourse Analysis: i) Vada-model, ii) Adhikarana-Model, iii) Anumana-model
  • Problems of editing a philosophical text i) Role of commentaries, ii) Primacy of understanding of the subject
  • Inter-disciplinary and Multi-disciplinary Approach
  • Contribution of classical Indian Intellectual Traditions
  • Clarity of though and Expression
  • Supremacy of Rationality
  • Criteria of Objectivity and Authenticity: Evidence of Original Source
  • Presentation of Research Findings
  • Modern tools of Research
  • Deciding the correct Reading of a Text

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