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Brahmasutra-catuhsutri Sankarabhasyam (detailed exposition) (Vol 1 & 2) & Naishkarmya-siddhi of Suresvara

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Brahmasutra-catuhsutri Sankarabhasyam

The Brahma-sūtra, authored by Śrī Veda-vyāsa, forms one of the principal texts of Advaita-vedānta. It strings together the major thoughts presented in the Upaniṣads and the detailed commentary by Śrī Śaṅkarācārya is invaluable for our understanding of it. Written for the modern student of Advaita-Vedānta, the text carries a detailed, analytical and lucid commentary in English. The original text is substantiated with copious citations from 10 sub-commentaries on the Śaṅkara-bhāṣya. Variant readings of the original have been compiled from 16 texts. This is the most comprehensive treatment on the Brahmasūtra-chatuḥsūtrī currently available.


Explanation and commentary in English by the noted scholar Prof. R Balasubramanian provides immense value for understanding the nuances of Advaita Vedanta in Naishkarmya-siddhi of Sureshvara, the direct disciple of Adi Sankaracharya. The style of the original Sanskrit text is partly prose which introduces the problem for discussion and partly poetry that provides the complete Advaita thought.

Free DVDs

1.Jivanmuktiviveka- Chapter 1

Jivanmuktiviveka is an important Vedantic treatise mainly dealing with topics that are related to the state of Jivanmukti, that is, 'being free or liberated even while living'.

Chapter 1: Jivanmukti-pramana-prakarana – The Proof of Jivanmukti

2. Dasha-shloki of Sri Sankaracharya

A conversation between a brilliant teacher (Shri Govinda Bhagavatpada) and an exemplary student (Adi Sankara). The first three verses of the text focus on ‘tvam-pada’, explaining the nature of the Self. The next three verses focus on ‘tat-pada’, discussing about the absolute Reality. And the last four verses elaborate on ‘aikya’, the absolute identity between the Self and the absolute Reality.

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