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Bhaskaracarya's Lilavati Part 1 & 2

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Translation and Editing: A.B. Padmanabha Rao
General Editor : Dr. Dilip Kumar Rana

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Part 1 – Arithmetic & Algebra

Part 2 – Geometry, First Degree Indeterminate Equation & Permutations

The present work provides the explanations and transliteration, in English prose order which makes sense in English translation.

Some of the features of first part are: It starts with various methods of the eight arithmetical operations and zero as on infinitesimal. The linear equations in multiple variables, quadratic equations, combinatorial and the Rules of Three, Five, Seven, Nine and Eleven.

In the second part: ideas of radian measure as a measure in terms of radius, differentials, Cosine rule, construction of a rectangle equal to the area of a cyclic quadrilateral using cut and paste methods.

Demonstration of proofs a given in the Buddhivilasini are explained along with Sanskrit text and are compared with modern methods, wherever possible.

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