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Ancient Keys to Modern Doors (Level 1 – Sanskrit Webinars based on Panini Sutras) - Video Pen Drive

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Speaker : Dr. Varun Khanna

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CIF Pendrives

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This webinar serves as an introduction to Sanskrit grammar in a fun and easy way for the uninitiated. Through this course, we aim to explore the wonders of Sanskrit and eliminate the fear of studying such a vast language without diluting the study. This course uses the method of study developed by Dr. Varun's Sanskrit Guru, Professor Pushpa Dikshit, called the Pāṇinīyā Pauṣpī Prakriyā, the most logical and efficient way to approach studying Pāṇini's sūtras. Through this method, students will gain a taste of real śāstra study. Though it is introductory in nature, the depth of this webinar's content can provide new insights and knowledge to the experienced grammarian as well.

About the teacher: Dr. Varun Khanna has studied Sanskrit under Professor Pushpa Dikshit from Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh, India. He holds an MPhil in Sanskrit and a PhD in Hinduism (Vedānta) from Cambridge University, UK. 

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