Vision and Mission

  1. Research and development of Sanskrit and Indian Culture.

  2. Conduct seminars, workshops and conferences.

  3. Organize classes for spoken-Sanskrit and short term evening courses on Sanskrit.

  4. Arrange various competitions in Sanskrit and allied subjects at regional, state and national levels.

  5. Institute various awards and prizes for young writers, young researchers and renowned scholars.

  6. Award best books published in Sanskrit with the idea of encouraging students, researchers and writers to make original academic contributions.

  7. Undertake such activities which would propagate Sanskrit and help build up a general Sanskrit atmosphere.

  8. Publication of new and rare books and hitherto unpublished manuscripts in Sanskrit.

  9. Conduct evening classes in Sanskrit.

  10. Introduce short term courses on Manuscriptology.

  11. Collect manuscripts from different regions and make the digital sources accessible to researchers.

  12. Build up an advanced academic atmosphere on par with international standards.

New Arrivals