Shastrachudamani Scheme

Prof. N. P. Unni
Former Vice Chancellor, Sree Sankaracarya University of Sanskrit, Kalady

Tenure: 1.10.2010 to 30.9.2012 [completed]
  1. Lectures on Kalidasa and his works - 4
  2. Writing Introduction and copy editing texts - 1
  3. Books - Megasandes`a of Kalidasa with 12 commentaries with 200 pages Introduction
    With English Translation
    Commetaries – Pancika, Kalapravodhini, Pradipa, Caritravadhini, Sanjivini,
    Sisyahitaisini, Vidyullata, Sumanoramani, Subodha, Sugamanvayavrtti, , Meghadutatika,Smadipini
  4. Important Smritis and their contents – A Study with six chapters
    a) Ancient literature - a survey, b) Srmiti literature, c) Number of Smritis, d) The twenty smriti writers mentioned by Yajnavalkya, e) Brief contents of twenty Smritis, f) The world of Smriti literature.
Prof. N. P. Unni has been extended the Shastracudamani scholarship for a period of one year from 1.10.2012 to 30.9.2013 taking into account his praiseworthy contributions to Sanskrit its institutionalised growth.