• The Shodha Sansthan started a project for creating indices of the works of Sankaracharya entitled, “Sankaramahavakyakosa”. This project will prepare indices of verses, indices in the forms of slokardhanukramani, padanukramani, technical words and terminologies used by Shankara etc.
  • Critical edition of Ratnarthadipika, a commentary of Jivanmuktiviveka of Vidyaranya from a manuscript availed from Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute.
  • A pilot project to catalogue and digitize medical manuscripts available in Kerala funded by the Department of Ayush, Govt. of India. It was for a period of 6 months from July-December, 2010. This project aimed at digitizing about 400 Medical manuscripts and cataloguing and printing of about 500 manuscripts from different parts of Kerala.
  • Advanced Level Workshop on Manuscriptology and Paleography was sponsored by National Mission for Manuscripts, New Delhi. Spanning a period of 40 days from 1st Nov to 10th Dec. This workshop covered a wide area of Manuscriptology such as the teaching of scripts, history of writing traditions, collation, editing, transcription and preparation of critical editing of texts, methods of conservation and preservation of manuscripts and survey of manuscripts in other countries.
  • Cataloguing and digitization of Ayurvedic manuscripts of Kerala during 2011–13. This project aims at adding medical manuscripts to the digital library, publishing hitherto unpublished Ayurvedic Manuscripts and to establish a new idea in the society through Ayurvedic medicines by interlinking old and new medical sciences. The activities of this project include collecting information on maximum number of Medical Manuscripts available in Kerala which are in the possession of individuals, libraries, academic institutions, museums, temples, churches and the like.
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