Academic Plans

  • Critical edition of Jvaratimirabhaskara and Suvarnatantra funded by the Department of Ayush, Govt. of India. Both are unpublished Ayurvedic manuscripts. The Jvaratimirabhaskara elaborates treatment methods for all types of fever. This text is an example of the earliest monographs dealing with individual types of diseases. Suvarnatantra is a text on alchemy supposed to be propounded by Shiva and Parasurama. The text contains three Sopanas (Khandas) with 36 chapters in 900 verses. It describes the conversion of iron, copper and mercury in to gold including different medicines prepared by mercury for treating different diseases.
  • The Shodha Sansthan will bring out about 3-5 standard publications every year in the form of original as well as translated versions of Manuscripts and rare texts under the Chinmaya Research Series, Chinmaya Granthapushpa Series and Chinmaya Ramarayakavi Series.
  • Will ensure the continued publication of the Research Journal ‘Dhimahi’.
  • Publication of a quarterly tri-lingual newsletter of about 50 pages in Sanskrit, Hindi and English entitled ‘Tejas’.
  • The manuscripts of different Gitas of Mahabharata will be collected from different parts of the country and abroad. The integrated volumes of these books will be published with English translation in the name of ‘The Gita Sandarbha’.
  • The Shodha Sansthan will critically edit and publish the manuscripts and rare books of Bellamkonda Ramarai Kavi, a noted poet of Andhra Pradesh with the permission granted by the RRV trust.
  • Establishment of a digital manuscripts library. The idea is to digitize the existing manuscripts and provide online services to scholars in different phases. The Institute will collect manuscripts from various parts of India particularly from Kerala by way of donations and also on payment if found necessary. Also digitized/microfilmed copies of manuscripts will be collected from different Institutions/Universities.
  • The CIFSS would organize 3 programmes in a year on Temple Culture to facilitate preparation of an encyclopaedic work on Temple Terminology.
  • A Programme for Sastra Swadhyaya wherein the Moolagranthas of different Sastras that are not taught in today’s Sanskrit institutions would be tutored.
  • The Shodha Sansthan will prepare the Sankara Mahavakya Kosa of complete works of Shankaracharya with indices and terminology of Advaita Vedanta
  • A critical edition of south Indian commentaries of Raghuvamsa.
  • Reprint of Sanskrit Literature of Kerala: A Bibliography written by Subramania Iyer with latest updates.


Infrastructural Plans

  • A Conservation Lab that will conserve and preserve manuscripts as well as rare and old books.
  • A Digital Library which could be accessed through Intranet. The IT ministry has already been approached for these two.
  • A Separate Manuscripts Library.
  • Preparing E-texts of important books in every discipline, like Puranas, Philosophies, Vyakarana and other Indological texts with all available commentaries.
  • Enriching the library by adding-up left-out volumes of multi-volume books received in the form of donation and purchasing basic texts - Moolagrantha – of every Sastras.
  • Preparing a database of research articles published in referred journals for the benefit of researchers.
  • A separate section in the library for back-issues of all available referred Sanskrit journals.
  • Digitization of Library books to cater to the requirements of researchers.