1. Membership of the Library is provided only to such users who are introduced by a bonafide person and a student has to present a letter of introduction from the head of the department/Institution.
  2. Library Members shall be provided Photo-Identity Membership Cards. This card is non-transferable.
  3. Non-member library users shall have to obtain a visiting card to enter the Library which should be returned before leaving.
  4. The authorities of the University (particularly the CVV), shall send the list of students/library users to the Library.
  5. The CVV shall obtain No DuesCertificate from the Library before relieving/transferring a faculty/student.
  6. Application for admission along with Rs.500/- (Rs. 200/ refundable) for students, Rs. 800/ (Rs. 300/ refundable) for PhD scholars and Rs 1000/ (Rs. 500 refundable) for the CVV faculty members shall be submitted to the office of the Director, Chinmaya International Foundation Sodha Sansthan
  7. Life membership fee is a non-refundable Rs. 3000/ (for 12 years).
  8. The membership forms can be obtained from the Library.
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