Make It Happen Success Stories

1.Dr. Seema Naran

Guy's Hospital,



"My Make-It-Happen experience helped me dig into the corners of my personality and tap into qualities that were long hidden away. As a result of this life-gearing course, I came out feeling rejuvenated, and with a refined perspective that affected my outlook in many ways. Most memorably, immediately following the course, I went and tackled what was for me a forbidding driver's license exam. Through constant effort and discipline, I implemented a regular routine of daily sadhna. This soon effortlessly integrated into my lifestyle, and I got married! Not only did the course have an immediate impact on me but it also taught me how to practice its coveted principles and sow the seeds for a brighter future, all of which continue to reap benefits. I would highly recommend this course to everyone." 


2.Vishal Shah




"Make it Happen was a wake up call. I didn't know what to expect, and I was delivered that unexpected, that too in a manner that knew how to shake the uncertainties right out of me. The subtle self-assessment of the course inspired me to act, and act I did. Immediately following my days in CIRS, I garnered the courage to propose to my now wife. I learned how to tap into my subconscious me, and move beyond the mental barriers and self-imposed concerns. Having that attitude, not only did I win my wife over, but my life began to change. The inspiration to pursue the work that I love, the power to take on the challenges along the way, and the humility to accept and understand all results lifted a great deal of burden from my life. The course gave me an alacrity about myself that was long forgotten in the daily routine of my life; lifting that fog has continued that drive within me, and for that, I am forever grateful to Swamiji and his teaching."

3.Geeta Pendse


  • Immediately after I felt a real sense of certainty and energy - that a lot of people I know commented on also.
  • I felt much more focused in my approach to all areas of life - and in the months following this attitude was reflected in my work, where I started to focus my energy on a higher vision and ways of going from success to significance. Tangibly I was promoted at work and also started writing a book, a project I'd wanted to start for a long time.
  • I think the course was invaluable.


4.Neha Broota


  • I became more aware of the limitations I placed on myself, thanks to the blindfold exercise.
  • I was able to understand how my mind created negative patterns and had tools to use so I could break those patterns.
  • I understood how easy it was to integrate our mind and intellect through having a higher vision and doing our duties.
  • A clearer understanding of who I was and what I needed to change in myself if I wanted to move ahead in my spiritual journey (Thanks to the flower exercise).
  • MIH was a real eyeopener of how powerful a course like this can be with a realised master, and what it can do to transform you and get you ready to really understand what your purpose in life is.
  • I have set a vision which encompasses giving back to society and spreading the knowledge.
  • I have positive affirmations that I read every morning.
  • I have started a self-reflection journal and complete it each night.
  • I have been able to fulfill my duties with the right attitude and cheerful acceptance.
  • I meditate each day.
  • To set goals in line with one's nature to express it full
  • I now know what it means to accept a situation and surrender it. I have had actual experiences of this process and seen the benefits that come from it.
  • I strongly believe that there is someone out there dreaming a bigger dream for me than I can ever dream for myself and now I actually feel like I am going with the flow or life, and not against it.
  • I am not as reactive to situations as I used to be and am able to observe my emotions more i.e. I have managed to understand and control really strong vasanas that I have, and am working on overcoming them.
  • I have definitely been blessed with the Guru's grace.


  • A clearer and deeper understanding of myself, in terms of my personality, strengths, weaknesses and abilities (unique swabhaava)
  • A recognition of the beliefs which consciously and subconsciously have limited me in acting and achieving
  • A better understanding of my roles and duties; as well as acceptance and contentment with these.
  • An inspiration to perform my roles and duties with efficiency, energy and cheerfulness
  • not as a difficult struggle
  • A better understanding of how to find my purpose and vision
  • Confidence in ability to achieve to my goals.
  • A firmer belief and understanding of the principles of Vedanta and their practical application.
  • Greater immediate priority placed upon duties to family (as well as friends and community)
  • Greater focus on direction day-to-day actions towards service of a greater goal
  • Consistent introspection and reflection
  • More efficient and targeted planning of actions and goals




I have completed the "Make It Happen course". I would like to thank you and your team to present such a wonderful tool. It has helped me not only to improve my productivity in office but to remove some of my bad habits.

Still little difficult for me to accept the changes even though I myself wanted to change the way I was living. From quite sometime I was mentally in a bad shape and unable to balance my life. I was fully aware that I am not moving towards the right path. Sincerely speaking Swamiji, it was very difficult to replace the old habits.

However this course helped me to change my life. "I realize this is the new beginning and I need lot of practices for my transformation". And I am thankful to you for your guidance thru this course.

Once again please accept my sincere gratitude.

Hope I will get an opportunity for your DARSHAN in the near future.

6.Sireesha Machiraju

Team Lead,


I had a great experience while I was pursuing the Make it Happen course. It is not just some theory to go through, I use the principles that I learnt in my day - day life and apply the techniques as appropriate.

This course was quite helpful to me.

7.Subrat Rath

Bank Employee,


During the course I was enlightened by the teachings.My mind vibrated with all the essence of the subjects and my creativity increased to a greater extent. I felt satisfied in discharging my duties and responsibilities. The course helped me to be courageous, confident and dynamic and brought me closer to my hopes and dreams. Now I am able to do all my duties with perfection and beauty. Each time I am going through the lessons I am getting a thrilling experience in my activities. The course helped me in developing a flowering personality by the fragrance of which I am able to move with courage and confidence on the path of life. I was able to give better customer service and my relationship both within and outside became sweet. I offer my heartfelt gratitude to swami swaroopananda ji for his inspired teachings touching every area of life.

I am now confident that I can live with success, pride and dignity for the rest part of my life. I am also confident that I will be able to excel in my organization and in my home based business which was once seeming to be unsuccessful. I am also sure that I can be able to bring glory to my family, organization and society.

I wish the CIF family members all success in their untiring efforts to alleviate the mankind showing them divine light. I bow down near the vision and mission of CIF and lastly to revered guruji Swami Chinmayanandaji and Swami Tejomayananda ji for their inspirations in my life.

8.Ravi Kumar Karri

IT Consultant,


I liked the course very much and helped me to take specific steps to improve my effectiveness. I would like to keep checking the contents again and again to keep the improvement cycle going. 
My main experiences have been the following:

  1. I am not getting distracted by lower level activities and focussing on higher level objectives
  2. As I resolved during the course, I am keeping a daily schedule by spending time on reading such topics that elevate my thinking
  3. In my professional activities also, I am using the learning to handle uncomfortable situations in an effective manner

Many thanks for the wonderful course.