Foundation Vedanta Feedback

1. Sarah

Hari Om,

I am sending my last paper, Lesson 24 tomorrow, 3rd of September. I would like to express my gratitude to Chinmaya Mission for the opportunity of studying the wisdom of Vedanta in such a practical and essential way. I appreciated each lesson as a hidden treasure that,  slowly, have  been revealed to me!

Thanking you and all  friends from Chinmaya Mission.

With my best wishes of Peace and Blessings,

Sarah – 11503s38

2. Ajith Pillai

Hari Om:

This was a very informative course and thank you for putting it together. If we can incorporate these teachings in our every day life's without the doer-ship notion, we will all be "the great souls" - GOD.


Thank you

Ajith Pillai-11012N8