Acharya's Message

In 2005, Chinmaya International Foundation launched an ‘Easy Sanskrit Course’ for beginners and hundreds of students have since achieved a basic level of proficiency (see In the earlier course the focus was on the basic concepts of Sanskrit. Proficiency, of course, improves only with practice, and this course is essentially a practice course that reveals how specific grammatical concepts are used within texts.

The purpose of learning Sanskrit Grammar is to study the Sanskrit treatises such as the scriptures in its source language. I have tried to bring in the essence of the scriptures in simple language. These stories, adapted into simple prose form, will be the stepping stones that encourage students to reach for the original. To expose students to the beauty of the poetic form of the language, I have culled hundreds of verses from many sources and have arranged them systematically based on the lessons. I have included twenty-three stories and more than three hundred verses in Easy Sanskrit – Level II. Each story has been forged specifically to reveal all facets of say, a particular tense, or a mood. It is expected that having studied these twenty-three lessons and hundreds of slokas that have been put together and arranged systematically, students would have taken the next step in their journey to expertise in Sanskrit.

I invoke God’s grace and Pūjya Gurudev Chinmayanandaji’s blessings on every student of Sanskrit. May the knowledge of Sanskrit bless them all with the wisdom of the Scriptures.

In the service of Sanskrit
Swami Ramakrishnananda 
Sulabha Samskritam Course


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