Easy Sanskrit FeedBack

1. Lakkaraju Sitamahalakshmi

This course is very useful to me to learn about Sanskrit
I am very happy on completing this through CIF
CIF is doing a very good job..........this can save Sanskrit language which is the mother language of languages. I wish Maa Gayatri may shower her blessings on those people who are working for this great goal
Many more people may complete this course to spread Sanskrit...........I wish all the best
Thank you so much to the CIF team

Lakshmi Lakkaraju

2. Dhirendra Mishra

The content of the course is very systematic and understandable to beginners.
The number of example are very adequate.
The explanation is very good.
It has helped to gain the interest to proceed further with next level of sanskrit.
It will be more helpful if you can provide the hard copy of the study material.

Dhirendra Mishra

3. Vasanthi Arunkumar

Hari Om! NamasteJi!!
Thanks a million for making my dream come true by showing me the doors to read and understand sacred texts.. understand it is now uo to me to persue further.. But I am so very grateful for the great opening!!!
I hope I will have access to the study material for some more time ( since I still do have doubts on Sanddhi Vidhi's..)
If there is a next level course, I would love to join.. Please do let me know.
Thanks for the great service!!!!

Vasanthi Arunkumar

4. Uma Iyer

Course feedback: enjoyed the visual and audio as it helped in understanding the pronunciation and stressing of the vowels. Selection of verses from scriptures were fantastic and so was the voice. I need more practice in reading verses, building my vocabulary and understanding their meaningwhich I hope to do soon on my own. Thanks again.
Uma Iyer


Chinmaya International Foundation’s Easy Sanskrit Online Course is a wonderful course for the beginners of Sanskrit language. The basics of Sanskrit language are mentioned here in easy ways simple to understand by means of slides on the computer screen. Add to that the voice-over for each slide makes it easy to grasp the meaning of what the teacher has to say.
They say the Course is for 13 months, but if one is diligent and hardworking the course can even be completed in six or seven months.
It would have been a positive point if a shloka or two in Sanskrit with English meanings were to be incorporated at the end of every lesson to create more interest for the beginners in this beautiful, ancient glorious language of India.
I thoroughly enjoyed the course and now understand the basics of Sanskrit language. Though I may not have become a pundit in Sanskrit language by this course, there is a lot more to learn and soon intend to join the advanced Sanskrit Course sometime into the future.

Thank you CIF for helping me take this simple step by step course to success.

6. Sharath Srivatsa

My Comments: "I was a Sanskrit student in High School and 12th Standard, by completing the Easy Sanskrit Course I was able to recollect my basics and become confident in understanding Sanskrit words and sentences"

Best regards,

7. Prabha Viswanathan

I learned a lot from this course. The instructions were very easy to follow and the technical support I received was very efficient and dependable. I felt that if we had exercises on actual usage of the material we learned, that would have helped me even more.
Thank you for putting this course together and enabling people like me to learn Sanskrit from the comfort of their homes.

8. Gustavo Cunha

I can honnestly say that the course is wonderful and everyone fond of yoga should take it to better grasp the language and culture behind it.

9. Renuka Suri

Hari Om. I feel happy to complete the 6th module and proceed to the 7th. Hope i can cope up with the rest also. The course is so organised and streamlined that a student flows thro' the modules. Hope more and more people will take to the Easy Sanskrit Course and benifit from it. Thank you Kalavathy Amma. I am grateful to CIF for providing the opportunity. I shall certainly participate in its activities in whatever way i am capable of.

10. Anant Kulkarni

Hari Om
Course was wonderful experience.
I can read now scriptures in Devanagari and make out meanings.

Anant Kulkarni

11. Dhirendra Mishra

Hari Om ,
Thank you very much for providing the online plat form to learn the basics of sanskrit.


1. The content of the course is very systematic and understandable to beginners.
2. The number of example are very adequate.
3. The explanation is very good.
4. It has helped to gain the interest to proceed further with next level of sanskrit.

Dhirendra Mishra

12. P. Kistareddy

Harhi hi Om,
I have completed successfully all the modules, tests, and the Final
Exam. I like the design of the course. It was helpful for me to go
through the material, exercises, tests and the final exam. The
chapter on sandhi, perhaps, needs a revision; I felt it needs
clarification on if two or more sutras apply to a sandhi situation,
which sutra prevails etc. Some explanation of relationship with
panini sutras given and the meaning given under the sutra might be
helpful understand.


P. Kistareddy

13. Dayanand Vallabhadasu

Hari Om!
Easy Sanskrit course is really an easy way of learning. Probably the best start for beginners. Best part of the course is its in-built motivating nature. This innovative design is so powerful that, after completion of my first module and exam, I could not resist to move onto the next and next module .... Though I my self thought I might take few months, I completed all the course just in a month time. This is just a beginning of the best - now, I'm unable to stop learning, I really want to learn more.
Thank you very much for your help in advancing my learning in Sanskrit.


14. Priti Seth

Dear Administrator,
Hari Om. I sincerely thank you for the opportunity to complete the online Sulabha Samskritam Course. I greatly appreciate the time extension that you gave me. I had the privilege of meeting Swami Ramakrishnanandaji when he came to Austin and gave an English satsang on Rama/Ramayana at Girishji's home on September 16th/17th, 2013. Please forward this email to him as I would also like to extend my sincere gratitude to him for his brilliance in helping to design this user-friendly on-line course.
It's been quite a journey. I remember my youngest child was less than 23 months when I first started this course. I lot has happened since then!! I must admit that I was apprehensive about taking each module's exam as I felt that I needed to memorize every single detail and know the material well enough to take the exam in a closed-book fashion.
However, from Chapter 4 onwards, I treated each module's test as an open-book exam, referring to my notes when I absolutely needed them. Otherwise, I would try to figure out my answer based on prior knowledge/understanding/mastery of skills.
As I went through the material in each chapter, I would scribble notes summarizing the concept in my own words for quick reference as I followed the examples presented. My goal was to get a basic understanding of the mechanics, structure, and rules of each concept and distinguish them from all of the memorization work.
Looking back on the course, I still can't say that I really can speak or understand much Sanskrit or know if what is communicated is grammatically correct. However, I can definitely say that I have grown in the process, and taking this course has definitely served as a spring board for my learning journey. As such, I look forward to taking the in-person course offered at Chinmaya Mission Austin through Samskrita Bharati. I believe it is a 12 week course, where the first 5 weeks (2 hours per week) are dedicated to purely conversational classes. I am really hoping that this will cement my knowledge a bit more so that it can facilitate my understanding of our scriptures.

Ever in Gratitude,
Priti Seth

15. A.Devagi

It is an excellent course. It is really very easy to catch up the lessons the way you have set-up. I was a person who did not know any single
alphabet of Sanskrit. But, today I can read the Sanskrit words, also can write. Only thing, now I must practice reading Sanskrit texts for the meanings and to become more fluent of the words and get more understanding of the language. I have already bought a Dictionary for meanings
which I hope will help.
Please advise how to improve more on sanskrit language.
I take this opportunity to thank Chinmaya Institute for giving me a chance to study simple Sanskrit via Online.
I will do recomend to my friends who are interested in Sanskrit.
Thank you very much.
Best Regards/A.Devagi

16. Kalarani Ponnakumar

Hari Om, Pranamam,
I received my certificate this afternoon; I received it in good condition and thank you for the same.
The Easy Sanskrit course was very useful to me. I thank CIF for offering this course else many people like me will not be able to learn this ancient language from home. The excellent designing of the course helped me a lot. The designing of the course material, pronunciation of Sanskrit words and the test question paper set up altogether train any beginner like me to have a grip in Sanskrit. Especially, the soothing music was a unique and excellent idea; it made the atmosphere very calm and serene to study. Once again, I thank the Acharyas and the staffs who designed this course, for making this ancient divine language learn with ease.
In your letter you have mentioned about the advanced Sanskrit course and the Bhagavad Gita course. Kala amma, due to some personal reason I am unable to join them immediately, but I will definitely consider about joining them after some time. By the blessings of Pujya Gurudev, the Acharyas and yourself I am sure I will be able to transform myself for a better future.
I once again thank you for inviting me and my family to visit this divine place, CIF.
Thank you,

With regards,
Kalarani Ponnakumar.

Climacool Vent M