Easy Sanskrit Course Postal Regular


The course comprises 13 lessons that will be covered at the rate of one lesson a month.A total duration of 15 months is provided for the completion of the course.Once the registration modalities have been completed, CIF will send the lessons to the students by post. Each set of lessons contains worksheets and a test paper. Students are expected to complete the worksheets, where after they are to attempt the test paper and post the completed test paper for assessment by the tutor.Receipt of the next set of lessons by the student will depend on the speed of response in sending back the answer sheets. Able and enthusiastic students can thus complete the course in a shorter duration as well.

The ideal duration for completing the Course is 15 months. Beginners are to spend a minimum of 15 days for one lesson and maximum of one month. Certain lessons may take more time than others. You are to devote 3 hours in a week for your study. If you follow this schedule you will complete the entire course within13 to 15 months. 30 months is the maximum limit for completing the Course. If you fail to complete the course in this period, you will be required to re-register for the Course to continue.

Those who do not know the Devanagiri script should spend at least a month or two for mastering the script as presented in first lesson before they go to the second lesson.CIF will issue a ertificate of Completion on successful completion of the course.Students to note the following points before attempting the exams:

Take the test only after completing the worksheets and gaining confidence.Take the test only when you are confident. The course is designed in such a way that once you start attempting the test/exam you cannot stop mid-way.The questions are in multiple choice format. Once you select your choice you will not be able to undo it.

For each test you would be given marks as well as grade.Even though you can re-appear for the test, note that the mark and grade you scored in your first attempt alone will be used while grading.Only after completing the test of the module you will be permitted to enter the next module.

After the 13th module you will have to attempt the final examination. Your Certificate of Completion will be sent to you by post. Once you complete the test, your marks and grade will be pdated in Your Course Status. You can view it from My Account under Account Details after you Login. An email will also reach you confirming your marks and grade for the respective module. You can then access the next module.

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