Easy Sanskrit Course Online Regular



This Course is entirely web-based/online.

Course Duration:
Ideal - 15 months
Maximum - 30 months

Beginners are to spend a minimum of 15 days for one module and maximum of one month.Certain modules may take more time than others. You are to devote 3 hours in a week for your study. If you follow this schedule you will complete the entire course within 13 to 15 months. 30 months is the maximum limit for completing the Course, failing which one has to re-register to complete the course.


The student will get automatically deactivated if he has not continued the study of a lesson for one year at a stretch.Those who do not know the Devanagiri script should spend at least a month or two for mastering the script as presented in first module before they go to the second module.On registering for the Course, you will be getting a password. With this password you can ogon to your personal Easy Sanskrit Online page and start your study.

Each module contains detailed, yet easy to grasp lessons, worksheets, and a test.Once you complete studying a lesson, you will have to download and complete the worksheets. Only after you are thorough with the module and are confident of taking the test pertaining to the module should you answer the test. You can answer the test only once. No retest facility will be available. Hence attempt the test only after you are confident.Marks and Grade will be awarded for your test which you can view from your “MyAccount” area once you login.


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