Bhagavad Gita Course Postal


  • Fifteen months is the duration of the Bhagavad Gita Postal Course. 
  • The course comprises of thirty fortnightly lessons.
  • After your enrolment formalities are completed, you will start receiving your lessons. You will also be given a registration number that you will have to mention in all your future correspondences.
  • You may take 15 days to study and answer the questionnaire of each lesson. 
  • After your answers are checked by the Course Acharya, the same will be returned to you for your observations. A grade will be also be assigned for your answers.
  • Those who successfully complete the course will be given a certificate of merit signed by Pujya Swami Swaroopananda ji, Head of the Chinmaya Mission Worldwide. This will be sent by post.



  • Contact sessions are available for those opting for it during registration. Contact classes are enabled on extra donation.
  • Once activated by administrator , you will be provided with a link to see and choose from the available appointment slots each month with Acharya.
  • Each registered student can book a slot of 30 minutes in a month for any Q&A session, any further extension to discussions between Acharya and student could be mutually scheduled.
  • We will be using Skype as the means for these sessions.It is also possible for postal students to use phone to connect to the skype call.
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