Advanced Vedanta Feedack

1.Daniela Badea

Hari Om! Namaskar!

thanks very much for nice words, I hope that the Lord will shine in my mind and heart always being able to absorb the knowledge that I need.
I have to say that was an wonderful course, very useful and an excellent way to put the concepts in proper order. For me that I looked for proper knowledge of Vedanta was like pure, fresh water for thirsty person. 
I have to thanks you for the extraordinary work that Chinmaya Mission is doing for all people, I am deeply gratefully for this. 

My coordinates are:
Name: Daniela Badea - 20910n3 – Advanced Vedanta

2.Sunitha Grandhee

Hari Om

I have attached the answers to Lesson 24

Thank you so much for being patient with me, and giving me the
opportunity to finish this absolutely wonderful course. I enjoyed
every minute, of my time spent with the lessons.
I am very much indebted to the great teachers who put together this
course in such a simple logical, succinct language.
My pranams to all of them

Sunitha Grandhee - 20607n20


Hari Om Swamiji,

Thanks a lot. It was made possible only by God's Grace, Shastra Kripa, Blessing of Guruparampara and last but not the least by your guidance through the lessons and the immense patience for the long delays in submitting my answers.

I have to say I enjoyed every moment going through the lessons over and over again and reflecting on them while writing out the answers. Each lesson is a revelation by itself.

My Address: Ms.C.V.Krishnaveni-20611s2

4.Alan Wiuker

Om Namah Sivaya

Blessed Acharya Br. Sagar Chaitanya.
I want to express my gratitude for the teachings i received on this course.
I has been very helpful in my sudy and understanding of Vedanta, and a great material for further meditation. I'm planning to review the lessons of course once again to study it again and deeper.

I have enjoyed very much its study and the simple but precise way it is taught and explained.
I hope to continue studying some of the other distance courses that you offer, i am especially interested in the Bhagavad Gita course. Please keep me informed if there are other distant learning options.

My physical address in order to send me mail is: Alan Wiuker (Krishna)-21203N3

5.Dr.M.Pavan Kumar

Hari Om,

My experience through this course was really great and has imbibed in me a strong desire for liberation.
My outlook has taken a strong transformation. I am able to connect various aspects of what I have learnt from this course with daily situations.
I render my prostration to each and every person behind the course execution. Words are really not sufficient to express my gratitude.

Thank you so much.
Dr.M.Pavan Kumar-21105s3

6.Ajay Pendse

Hari Om !

I am Ajay Pendse from Mumbai. I have done my M.A. in Sanskrit and now doing PhD from IIT Bombay. I have completed your two courses recently :

1. Foundation Vedant Course.
2. Advanced Vedant Course.

The experience of these two courses was excellent. You have send me study material and my answer - sheets on time. I wish to appreciate you for this as well as for very knowledgeable study material. Now I am thinking to Vedic mathematics course. I also have your CDs of Indian Philosophy and Tarkasangrah.

I also want to suggest you something. You please start some more courses related to Indian Philosophy such as:

1. Certificate course in Comparative philosophy / Religion.
2. Certificate course in Indian Logic
3. Certificate course in Ancient Indian Scientific Literature
4. Certificate course in Indian Aesthetics
5. Certificate Course in Indian Mythology
6. Certificate course in Indian Mysticism etc.

I am sure that there are so many people who are interested in these courses. Also, these courses will be proved as knowledgeable for the students of Sanskrit, Philosophy as well as lay man . Please think on this.I am always happy to join such courses.

Thanking You.
Ajay Pendse – Advanced Vedanta

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