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Advanced Vedanta Course


The Chinmaya International Foundation (CIF) already offers a Foundation Postal Vedanta Course and an E-Vedanta Course. In spite of the overwhelming responses for these courses, there has been a growing need for an advanced course that gives an in-depth understanding of important Vedantic concepts. To fulfill this long-felt need, CIF is pleased to announce its Advanced Postal and E-Vedanta Courses. The materials of study for both courses are the same, whether correspondence is via mail or e-mail.

COURSE Objectives / Rewards

The primary aim of this one-year home-study course is to provide clarity and depth to your Vedantic study. All important Vedantic concepts dealt with in the Prakarana Granthas, such as Vivekachudamani, Atma Bodha, Tattva Bodha, Vakya Vritti and Panchadashi are covered in a series of 24 detailed lessons.

The study of the Advanced Vedanta Course will give you an in-depth understanding of Vedanta with a thorough grounding of the basic terminologies and concepts. Reading of the scriptures is to be undertaken hand-in-hand with subjective discipline. This alone will lead to spiritual progress. The Course explains the sadhanas (spiritual disciplines) that are to be followed in our day-to-day life. These sadhanas will bestow purity of mind and single pointedness of intellect that are most required for peace and happiness in life. You will also learn the true meaning of meditation and learn the art of its practice.


Advanced Vedanta Course Online 4000 125
Advanced Vedanta Course Postal 5000 150



 Any individual who seeks to have an in-depth study of Vedanta is welcome to join this course. It is not required for students to have completed CIF's Foundation Postal or E-Vedanta Course to register for the Advanced Vedanta Course.For taking this course in online or Webinar mode computer knowledge is required.


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We recommend students of the Vedanta Courses to discuss, share, and exchange notes with fellow students through the CIF Online Discussion Forum/Chat Blog. Visit:

Join the Chinmaya Study Groups/ DeviGropus/ CHYK/ Balvihar.


The Advanced Vedanta Course is available in Online , Postal and Webinar Modes. Contact Classes can be added to Online and Postal Modes. Students can select one of the modes as convenient to them.

In Online Mode the lessons are downloaded from website and answers are also given online. Evaluation, grades are also Online. In Postal Mode the lessons will be sent by post, the answers need to be sent again by post. Grades can be viewed online. In Webinar mode additional support of Acharya is given for the Lessons.

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